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High Elastic Quick Dry Cycling Bib Shorts

High Elastic Quick Dry Cycling Bib Shorts

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Color: Black
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● Women's Pro Team Bibs are specially designed for comfort on the court.
● The super-breathable upper body part made of lightweight mesh is changed to a larger area of fabric design on the entire back to provide more support to the waist.
● The gallus has been changed into an ergonomic lightweight design. combined with the ultra-high elastic garments on the shoulders. to create a light. handy. and simple silhouette and a stable fit for riders of various heights.
● The low-key pocket for holding phone is placed above the waist. allowing you to keep communication with your teammates.
● In order to create the best template that fits the riding posture. the 10cm ultra-wide and elegant leg silicone anti-slip rolled edge. not only further strengthens the stable fit. but also disperses the pressure on the legs evenly. it won't hurt the skin.
● The most important core feature is our newly improved women's exclusive competition version of suede padding. Its double-density structure and quick-drying fabric can create a comfortable feeling for you from day to day.



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