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Half Finger Breathable Shockproof Cycling Gloves

Half Finger Breathable Shockproof Cycling Gloves

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Style:Half Finger Gloves
Fabric: Antibacterial lycra
Composition: spandex 10%+ polyester 90%
Applicable to: cycling fitness. running. ball games
Process: breathable net design. patch inner cushion damping material
Function: breathable and perspiration. buffer protection
Elasticity: high elasticity

Version design: hand-fit version. suitable for a variety of gestures to hold. clinging to no sense of pressure.
Process design: hand palm breathable net design. increase ventilation and perspiration function.
The palm patch is padded with shock-absorbing materials to increase the buffer protection of riding on the palm. Gum-planting technology is adopted at the cuffs. and the brand vision is exquisite.


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